"SHOPHAR" Anti Riot Acoustic System


  • A compact jeep mounted acoustic system that radiates a steerable narrow, high power acoustic beam design as a non-lethal weapon for riot suppression (low Intensive Conflict).The system is based on a coordinated transmittance of electronic sound sources. The high power is achieved by a coherent summation of the acoustic outputs from 36 horns, producing a concentrated acoustic beam. The high sound levels are unbearable to humans at distances up to 75 meters.
    The system is operational in the IDF.

Mode of Operation

  • Acoustic Controller -  The form, frequency and amplitude of the electronic signals are controllable.
    The narrow acoustic beam can be steered electrically in horizontal and vertical directions.
  • Remote Controlled -  All operational functions are remotely controlled by an operator inside the vehicle.
  • Mobility -  The system can be mounted on a standard vehicle such as a Jeep, with only minor changes. The system includes a power generator and do not required electrical power from the vehicle.